SOSORT Responds to #NotDeformed Initiative by Curvy Girls Scoliosis

The Society on Scoliosis Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Treatment, SOSORT, applauds the initiative of Curvy Girls Scoliosis calling health professionals to change their language when referring to persons living with scoliosis or other spinal conditions with structural spine changes. Our Society consists of clinicians, researchers and patients involved in caring for persons with such spinal conditions. Our focus is to advance the most appropriate care with an emphasis on non-operative management. We envision a world where multidisciplinary collaboration among persons with scoliosis or other structural spine changes, their families, healthcare professionals, and scientists exists to ensure optimal outcomes.

SOSORT recognizes the concerns related to the use of the term deformity. While the conditions involve structural spine changes, we agree that the term deformity is best avoided. We heard the appeal for change and are undergoing a review of our communication materials to adapt our language.

  • The language of our November 7th SRS-SOSORT webinar announcement was updated before distribution
  • During the coming weeks, our Mission and Vision statements will be reviewed and updated to avoid the use of spine deformity while still including a focus on the large group of conditions presenting structural spine changes.
  • Our communication team will review our website and update our language.
  • We will recommend that our clinician members, educators, researchers and annual meeting participants recognize the importance of using patient-first language in our presentations and in our interactions with patients and their families.

SOSORT recognizes the quality of life and mental health impact of scoliosis and structural spine changes including our therapeutic interactions.

We are responding to the call to arms from Curvy Girls Scoliosis and encourage educators and other research and care Societies to respond as well.


Eric Parent, SOSORT President, and the SOSORT Board